Reports and Post The Requests that VINAHF has received

         VINAHF relies on the Internet for the communications and co-ordination of the work. We will update here the links to video clips or pictures that we recently received from our volunteers in VINAHF network. VINAHF usually receives the requests for help from places across Vietnam. However, due to the limit resources, VINAHF can not help much as we wish, so we will post here those requests after our volunteers had come there and confirmed the situation. Hopefully more people will be aware, and increase the chances of responding to those requests. VINAHF will facilitate the help delivery. However, the donors can also communicate directly to the requesters, and arrange their help without VINAHF's involvement, but VINAHF is stand-by to help if needed . To view the pictures/video posted here, click on the links, and make sure you allow the browser to pop new windows.

VINAHF provided relief to 1000 victim families in 2016 historic disaster
        VINAHF Cứu Trợ Trên 1000 Gia Đình Trong Năm 2016 bị bão lũ khủng khiếp trong lịch sử

Please Join VINAHF in the relief efforts for the victims of the Wutip Typhoon .
        Xin Ủng Hộ cùng VINAHF trong việc giúp nạn nhân cơn bão số 10 trong tháng 9 năm 2013 vừa qua

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